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Exotic Butter Dancer
just what the title says..... was at a stream from BradicalRadical on and... this was what the public shoved into my head and i promised to make it a reality... yup.... this is what i think about in my spare time.... exotic butters, dancing in bikinis...... (help me)
Tsukiko Gahenso
my Naruto Ninja OC xP i debated for a long time whether or not i should have a detailed background, or just some colors, and also if i should add a shadow beneath her, but i just decided to upload it without any background cause i just didn't wanna be bothered xDD so glad i figured out how to make my lines smoother!! gaah!!! it's been a thorn in my side for sooooo long but now i actually get excited about drawing sometimes ^^; it's like... the thing i grew up doing the most, and i was starting to hate it even though people praised my work ;-; 

Anywho x) Tsukiko's full name in kanji is 蛾変装  •  月子 (With Gahenso first and Tsukiko second) her last name connects to her method of ninjutsu =P there's another picture of her i'm working on, but it'll take a while cause i wanna really get the details right for said certain ninjutsu.
Tsukiko is a very giggly person and tries to find a joke or pun in just about any situation where she feels it's appropriate. While she seems cheerful and quit with a wit among a small group, she's actually rather reserved and often makes up excuses for getting out of socializing (mainly trying to get out of going to the bathhouse with the other female ninja xP ). She also tends to disappear at random, usually for the purpose of scaring a friend or pulling a cheap prank. She's an expert at transformation jutsu and is, more often than not, constantly using the transformation and clone jutsu in an attempt to build her chakra reserves. Most people claim that Tsukiko's chakra has a faint, sweet scent to it that's unique from her actual body.... of course, there's a reason for that =P
What're Those?!
These things.... so odd looking xDD feasting on this milk weed plant lol i say they're odd mainly cause of how brightly colored they are o.0 usually things that are brightly colored are poisonous or venomous and i just don't see that many dangerous bugs around here. a name and some info would be appreciated ^-^ even if i could probably look it up myself, it's fun to see who knows about these things. 
it's so pudgy and precious xD i should've kept it and watched it go through metamorphosis cause i just found out it's an Io caterpillar ^-^ that pretty yellow moth with the red/pink design with the black eyes on it's lower wings.


zer0anonymous's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Just a college student making a way
I go by a lot of names like anonymousAlchemist on RisemboolRangers <3 Love that place CartoonFreak1928 on youtube ^-^ Oh! and zer0anonymous on SteamPower :D GO TF2! and probably a bunch of other places i don't remember registering for x)
I am a proud Christian and servent to God and Jesus. I'm also a Risembool Ranger!! (you may know me as anonymousAlchemist ^^)
Drawing, dreaming, writing, running, they are just hobbies or activities; they are passions!
Live each day like your last, Laugh to keep spirits up, and Love for all eternity. Becuase God gave us one Life, Laughing helps us through, and Loving brings us together. Never Forget, Always Remember.
I swear as soon as I get my fat lazy arse up and set up my laptop I'll draw some more… but until then it's iPod and sleep =_= help me…
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  • Reading: Whatever I\\\&#039;m writing
  • Watching: me typing this out
  • Playing: pokemon: soul silver
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